Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy!

One of the top-selling titles from the Incredibly Easy series, the fully updated 5th edition of Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy presents information vital to nurses and student nurses on the difficult topic of pathophysiology in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember approach — as only Incredibly Easy titles can do!

This entertaining, practical, and informative reference reviews the basics of pathophysiology including an overview of the cell and its components, cell division, degeneration and aging, homeostasis, disease and illness. All content has been reviewed and updated to help you become a whiz on pathophysiology, diagnostic tests, signs and symptoms,

This is an awesome book. I am a nurse practitioner student who’s taking advanced pathophysiology, but haven’t had pathophysiology. This book is an excellent bridge between the two. Colorful and easy reading. An excellent resource.

This book got me an A in assessment class. It’s easy to understand, it very simple. You can’t get any better than that .i am keeping it for a reference book. That is how good it is

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